Monday, November 23, 2009

My Imaginative Child

Here are some of the things that my imaginative child has claimed and/or said lately:

* we have 45 rabbits (reality: a guy who does some work around the house rescues rabbits and has around that many)
* his favorite sport is golf (reality: I don't think he's ever actually seen a game of golf)
* he is an expert skateboarder (reality: I don't think he's ever seen an actual skateboard in person)
* he speaks and writes Japanese (reality: what do YOU think?)
* he has a pet goldfish that he bought at Petsmart (reality: no, he doesn't)
* he has a pet tarantula (or tyrantula as he says it) in his room (reality: what do YOU think?)
* he has an entire aquarium of pet fish in his room (reality: no, he doesn't)
* he knows karate (reality: no, he doesn't)
* he is a ninja master (reality: what do YOU think?)
* he is mean (reality: okay, that one's sort of true sometimes)

There are many other imaginative things that come out of his mouth on a regular basis. These are just the most recent ones. It's always interesting to hear what comes out of his mouth!

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