Thursday, February 18, 2010

Major Catch Up Time

Time for yet another major catch up of Ben's life & times!

Thanksgiving was fine. Very low key. Ben ate pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving dinner.

Winter Break was good. We spent three and a half weeks in Florida with my dad (aka Ga). It was unseasonably cold so that part wasn't so great, but it was still warmer than St. Louis and there were palm trees so who cares. Ben went to holiday camp down there at the same place where he went to camp last summer and had an absolute blast.

Heading back to school in January was good for everyone. The winter has been busy so far with basketball (Ben's on a team, and he LOVES it), indoor soccer (Ben's on a team and seems to enjoy it so far), a snow day, Lego Club, COCA class after school, Xtreme Ice Racing, strep throat (two days home sick from school then still contagious over the weekend equaled lots of Wii and Cartoon Network) and another visit from the Tooth Fairy when he lost tooth #2.

Last weekend we were in Chicago for the four day weekend that the school so graciously gifted us with. We had a really great time. Friday we drove up, stopping at Cracker Barrel for lunch along the way. Incidentally, Ben was fabulous in the car both directions. We checked into our hotel then headed to the Lego store at the Woodfield Mall where we dropped a small bundle on Legos. After that we went to Medieval Times for dinner (Ben ate his garlic bread and mine for dinner) and the absolutely incredible show. Ben was even knighted before the ceremony! The next day we spent a few hours at the Legoland Discovery Center then headed to visit our friends in Vernon Hills. The next day we hit the Shedd Aquarium where we communed with various sea creatures. After that we hit the Chicago Crate & Barrel outlet (where one of us really had fun). That night we had dinner with our friends in Northbrook. Monday we hit the Lego store again then headed to Naperville where we hit the Naperville Crate & Barrel Outlet and The Land of Nod Outlet (where one of us had even more fun than the day before).

So that's Ben's life right now in a nutshell. He's chugging along and enjoying life as much as a 5 1/2 year old can. Coming up - a three day weekend this weekend, more basketball and soccer games to play, birthday parties to attend and then Spring Break in Florida.

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