Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Already?

It's hard to believe that it's already June!

The first day of June was spent having some fun. Ben and I had a playdate at Stacey Park with the Banasheks - Cheryl, Brandon and Max. The kids played, the moms talked, we had lunch at a picnic table in the shade. What more do you need in life? After lunch Ben and I headed to the bank then home for a bit of rest before Ben started the summer session at the Little Gym. After the Little Gym we headed to Noodles and Co. in Des Peres where Ben saw one of his favorite "Noodle Girls" - Jessica (others were there too, but she's a particular favorite of his). Several months ago Ben and I started going to that particular Noodles and Co. on Monday nights after Little Gym, and a couple of the employees there really took to Ben (they talk to him, totally make over him, give him free cookies and Rice Krispie treats) so we made it our regular Monday night thing. We hadn't been in several weeks, but we've restarted our Monday night tradition with a free Rice Krispie treat, a couple of Noodles and Co. tattoos and a fish picture to color.

The second day of June was a little quieter but equally fun. Ben had Little Gym Camp this morning - three hours of gym stuff, playing, snack and arts and crafts. Today's theme was the Wild West. Ben will be back for three more hours of fun on Thursday. After Little Gym Camp we headed to La Salsa for lunch where we met Jennifer and Alex Gutierrez. Again, the boys played, the moms talked and we all ate. After lunch Ben and I had been planning to go swimming at Ga's apartment, but it started to look really nasty outside so we decided to head home. Just a couple of moments after we got there it totally POURED! It rained and rained and rained for a bit. It was a lot worse in some other areas so we were pretty lucky. The power only popped off once for a couple of seconds. We then spent quite a bit of time on the Wii (a birthday present from Ben, one he'll NEVER let me forget that he gave me) kicking each other's butts all over the place. In case anyone wonders, I am currently highly addicted to Laser Hockey on Wii Play. We also found a way to download Nintendo DS demo games directly to the Nintendo DS from the Wii without actually hooking anything up to anything else. It's SO COOL and SO WEIRD at the same time!! I have NO CLUE how the technology works, but it's totally awesome. There's also evidently a way to play with other people on their Wiis so if anyone knows how to do that, PLEASE let me know.

In case you wondered, Ben is actually a pretty good loser until he decides he's done being a good loser then he quickly becomes a pretty sore, pouty loser as well as the sort of winner who likes to shout "Booyah!" and shake his butt in my face.